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Leadership is Key


Customer Experience Management

Every interaction a colleague has with a customer creates an experience. In our uncertain and complex world where customers have choices, every interaction is an opportunity to create a relationship that will encourage customer loyalty. How many times to you interact with your customers? Delighting customers, anticipating their needs, and exceeding expectations will translate into repeat business, and an increased bottom-line. You can't afford to waste a good opportunity.

Leadership Development

Effective leaders focus primarily on developing the skills of their followers, and putting the right tools in place to ensure the organization will succeed well beyond the leader’s tenure. Perhaps especially in times of turmoil, leaders are expected to steer the organization in the right direction, avoiding obstacles while inspiring trust and confidence. Developing leaders is an investment in the organization’s sustainability. Although some may exhibit natural leadership traits, every leader can learn to excel in leadership.

Understanding the Big Picture
A leader will be more effective if they understands the big picture. Developing business acumen, learning how to think about the organization as a system, rather than separate parts, and working to ensure vertical alignment between every layer of hierarchy is the first step toward organizational sustainability. Leaders will excel and demonstrate results when they master these aspects.

Developing Leadership Skills
Leaders must obtain support from their supervisors, and buy-in from their team to propel a department or organization forward. The ability to motivate and influence are valuable skills for leaders. Through giving timely and effective feedback, leaders provide consequences that motivate people to achieve personal and organizational goals.

Practicing Leadership
Becoming an effective leader is not something that is achieved in the classroom. Learning about leadership models and tools is important, but leaders must integrate and apply any new knowledge. Coaching in the field, on the floor, or in the office to observe leaders in action and provide feedback allows leaders to establish a lasting link between theory and practice.

Winter Hike

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Coaching is a partnership in which coaches and their clients engage in a transformational process focused on fully realizing individual potential. The cornerstone of coaching is the belief that individuals are capable of working through challenges in an ingenious manner. Based on this foundation, coaches create a safe environment to explore those challenges, support self-discovery and awareness, and provide an effective coaching process to achieve results. Through coaching, individuals engage in a transformational process that will increase self-awareness, move them from knowing to doing, and from doing to being, essential steps to ensure sustained transformational changes. 

​The LC2 coaching process© was designed to drive and support individual and organizational sustained, transformational changes.

Programs / Workshops

All programs are customized, and can include a coaching component to ensure sustainability of new learnings and behaviours. 

  • The ABC's of Customer Experience for front line workers

  • Leading Customer Experience teams

  • Designing Customer Experiences

  • Inclusive Leadership

  • Aligning Strategy and Leadership to Get Things Done

  • Changing Behaviours to Increase Human and Organizational Performance

  • Essentials of Culture Change and Change Management

  • Using a Coach Approach to Leadership

  • The Tools of Leadership

  • ​Emerging Leaders

  • Leading for Legacy and Succession

Group Lecture
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